The Château Euphorie Team Talks About Clara

-Where did your find the inspiration for your Clara collection?

We wanted to work around a remarkable animal, one that is both brutish and delicate, and we fell for Clara’s delightful story when we started taking an interest in the menagerie at the Château de Versailles. During the 18th century, this famous rhino traveled from India, her country of origin, all the way to Paris,
and spent several happy years living in the menagerie.
Back in those days, Clara was a great source of inspiration for artists, scientists and inquisitive people, generally. Nowadays, her story continues to make us dream, and her mysterious, unfathomable character fascinates us. While her size was truly imposing and her strength impressive, Clara also exuded great nobility. It’s no coincidence that she was given such a gentle, feminine name. This collection has gradually developed into the founding story of our house and today, it continues to emblemize Château Euphorie.

— Can you tell us something about your next collections?

Clara will continue as the emblem of our house, and our collections are going to grow. They will be as astonishing as the first ones. Indeed, some of them are going to offer echoes of the avenue des Champs-Elysées, since this place has great significance for Château Euphorie.

-The Château Euphorie Team