The team Chateau Euphorie talks about Jasmine and Secret Garden

—What influenced you when creating the Jasmine and Jardin Secret collections?

Jasmine was Marie Antoinette’s favorite perfume. This flower is both wild and royal, and so fits beautifully within our house and its universe. Its whiteness, together with its elegant, sweet perfume, has led us to imagine white jewelry with stylized flowers. White, like the alabaster complexion that the Queen loved to display. It’s a classical collection, one that’s both romantic and timeless.

Jardin Secret invites us into those dreamy masked balls that people used to throw inside the gardens of châteaux, places of joyous laughter, games and secret nooks. Of course, we’ve been greatly inspired by embroideries of these French gardens.
Our line is mainly composed of black diamonds, so it adds a mysterious, baroque dimension.

— Is there a link between these different collections?

All our collections speak about women, about Châteaux, about Paris – its extravagance, and its delightful aspects. Each collection conveys a French take on elegance, and the audacious side of the creative process. Delicacy, poetry, allure and mystery are terms that we find very inspiring.
We are committed to ensuring that the aesthetic qualities of our jewels reflect this terminology.

-The Château Euphorie Team